Beyond the forests of San Vicente lies the best kept secrets of Palawan.  Stretches of coves of super fine and almost white sand beaches line the ocean . One is named Long beach for its 14.5 kilometer stretch.

Club Agutaya is an Eco-environmental boutique resort that gears to balancing natures beauty by preserving it. Architecture is Filipino inspired . Customized hand crafted furnishings produced in the Philippines fill up Club Agutaya. Green as can be, solar and LED lights combined with solar and wind power generates a significant brightness to Club Agutaya. We are the first resort in the Philippines to have separate pipes in segregating the toilet waste and treated in an efficient Sewage Treatment System that converts it to reusable water. Wake up in the morning to the chirping sound of a hundred birds and experience walking a stretch of the fabled Long Beach in the morning.  Opt for a gourmet breakfast or simply a a whiff of Barako coffee. Dip in our fresh water infinity pool that coaxes you with its warmth . Our guests swear it’s the best pool ever. Opt to laze in the sun by the beach or we can arrange for you to have your own island for yourself even for a few hours. Our Cafè Lily features a selection of locale food primarily using locally available produce.  Our Menu was created by Chef Maria and boasts of other world cuisines . For us, fresh is best. Wait for the spectacular sunset that normally flirts with you before dark. Be spoiled with our plush pillows and heavenly beds that will no longer require lullaby.