Beyond the forests of San Vicente lies the best kept secrets of Palawan.  Stretches of coves of super fine and almost white sand beaches line the ocean . One is named Long beach for its 14.5 kilometer stretch.

Club Agutaya is an Eco-environmental boutique resort that gears to balancing natures beauty by preserving it. Architecture is Filipino inspired . Customized hand crafted furnishings produced in the Philippines fill up Club Agutaya. Green as can be, solar and LED lights combined with solar and wind power generates a significant brightness to Club Agutaya. We are the first resort in the Philippines to have separate pipes in segregating the toilet waste and treated in an efficient Sewage Treatment System that converts it to reusable water. Wake up in the morning to the chirping sound of a hundred birds and experience walking a stretch of the fabled Long Beach in the morning.  Opt for a gourmet breakfast or simply a a whiff of Barako coffee. Dip in our fresh water infinity pool that coaxes you with its warmth . Our guests swear it’s the best pool ever. Opt to laze in the sun by the beach or we can arrange for you to have your own island for yourself even for a few hours. Our Cafè Lily features a selection of locale food primarily using locally available produce.  Our Menu was created by Chef Maria and boasts of other world cuisines . For us, fresh is best. Wait for the spectacular sunset that normally flirts with you before dark. Be spoiled with our plush pillows and heavenly beds that will no longer require lullaby.


Transport Options Airports:

From Manila To  :

  1. Puerto Princesa Airport / PPS
  2. El Nido Airport /ENI then add land travel

From Coron Airport/USU and Puerto Princesa 3x a week via Air Juan to San Vicente Airport/ SWL :

Club Agutaya is 3 hours away from Puerto Princesa and now also from El Nido ( 2 hours) airports.

  1. We can arrange for your Round trip transfers via a Grandia Van. This is at an extra cost of P 5,500 or maybe less should you choose to bargain with the driver for one way transfer for the guests.
  2. The other option is taking the public shuttle van at a cost of P 450 – 550 per way. We can no longer arrange for a pick up at the airport in Puerto Princesa following a new city ordinance . You now have to travel to The San Jose shuttle by tricycle( a locale mode of transport ) or maybe a taxi .This public shuttle may take more than 4 hours due to numerous stops and sometimes the airconditioning is very poor or might not be functioning. You will be delivered to the hotel on both types .
  3. You can also board the buses or private shuttles headed for El Nido . We recommend Cherry Bus Liner or Day Tripper( you can book online) and ask to be dropped off at the ITABIAK JUNCTION (San Vicente). Please inform us in advance so our official transport can pick you up and bring you to he resort.
  4. Air Juan flies to San Vincent 3x a week from Coron and Puerto Princesa to San Vicente Airport
  5. Philippine Airlines will have daily flights from Clark Airport to San Vicente Airport commencing October 28, 2018.
Payment options for Club Agutaya :


 We request full payment upon confirmation and will only hold your reservation for 48 hours .
Should you choose to deposit your payment, kindly email us copy of deposit slip, likewise all the names of guests in your party . Kindly send us copy of your passports( requirement for foreigners) or any government ID ( for locals).
Should you decide to confirm, there would be 3 ways to pay us.


1. Credit card payments
  • We will need a copy and the 3 digit or 4 digit (American Express, visa or MasterCard) verification code.
  • Copy of your passport plus a copy all ID’s of the people in your party (this is required by the Municipality of San Vicente).

2. Bank remittance

If choose to deposit kindly email us copy of deposit slip, likewise all the guests list and will send to us copy of passport or ID preferably a government issued ID.

  • Club Agutaya Inc. BDO Saving account: 005040309091 , Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.
  • swiftcode@BNORPHMM

3. Paypal

If choose this option kindly email us a copy of your passport or any government issued ID.


Any cancellation (if allowed on the rate you booked) should be done 15 days before your arrival. Should you do so, one night of room rate. Refunds before 7-10 days(if allowed on the rate you booked) will be charged half of the whole booked rates. 15 days and after will be charged in full and no refund will be granted.

There will be no refunds regardless of type of booking 15 days before holidays, long weekend holidays and peak season (Dec 15 -Feb 18).